1. Homosexual attraction is NOT a sin.  The BEHAVIOR is sinful.  The "Action not the Attraction " is the sin.


2. Same Sex Attraction or SSA is a term often used in place of "homosexuality."


3. Strugglers describes those confronting SSA.


4. SSA is not genetic.  No gene exists - and even if it did would not change God's position.  He cannot endorse sin.


5. RESTORATION IS ACHIEVED WHEN the struggler acknowledges that homosexual behavior is sinful and repents, no longer engaging or endorsing the behavior.


6. Homosexual attractions have been removed or minimized through prayer and therapy.  We have the testimonies of the exgays depicting the many root causes of  SSA attractions.               


7. We are Male or Female by God's physical design.    Physical design is permanent.  Feelings can change.


Feature Article

How Common Core Paved the Way for Teaching Transgenderism in Public Schools

08/24/2017 01:17


By Susan L.M. Goldberg August 11, 2017

"Lil Miss Hot Mess" reads to children during the Feminist Press' presentation of Drag Queen Story Hour at the Park Slope Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

With all the talk of transgenderism invading classrooms and library story times, parents should be aware of how the federally mandated Common Core Standards Initiative paved the way to welcome this kind of dialogue into classrooms as far back as 2009. The federally designed curriculum from which states and local boards of education pull in order to create their own standards (and earn federal dollars) includes National Sexuality Education Standards for students in grades K-12. This curriculum includes a subsection on “Identity.” Zoom to the chart of end-goals, scan under “Identity” and you’ll quickly learn that:

  • By the end of second grade, students are expected to “provide examples of how friends, family, media, society and culture influence ways in which boys and girls think they should act.”
  • By the end of fifth grade, students will have discussed homosexual relationships and identify “trusted adults” with whom they can discuss issues of sexual orientation.
  • By the end of eighth grade, students will study “gender roles” and “differentiate between gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.”
  • By the end of twelfth grade, students will “Differentiate between biological sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression” and “Distinguish between sexual orientation, sexual behavior and sexual identity."

The underlying theme running throughout the K-12 curriculum is that “friends, family, media, society and culture” — sometimes dubbed “external influences” — control and shape an individual’s understanding of gender and gender expression. Biology is not included in the curriculum, presumably because biology is filed under hard sciences and involves dissecting frogs that are already dead, so they can’t tell you what gender they think they are.

Advocacy is also a critical component of the sexuality curriculum. Students are encouraged to discuss ways in which they can promote respect across the gender expression spectrum and to advocate for programming that celebrates gender expression and sexuality choices in their own schools. Students aren’t just learning that gender is a construct; they’re learning how to take their political notions into the streets to demand justice in a way toddlers tantrum until they’re given what they want.

The push for a transgender-heavy, pro-LGBTQIA curriculum in public schools didn’t happen overnight. Curriculum planning began in the late 2000s, but the idea of Common Core was birthed in the 90s. Libraries may be welcoming drag queens into story time in 2017, but two years ago Think Progress published a piece questioning “Can We Adapt Sex Ed for the New LGBT Inclusive America?”

Last year Washington State implemented a new curriculum derived from Common Core to teach transgenderism to kindergarteners. This coming fall every public school in the state will begin teaching children as young as five that “there are many ways to express gender.” To make this lesson plan fit the mold of Common Core curriculum standards, education legislators had to contradict the state’s own definition of gender as a biological, not social construct, a move they justified as “supportive of classroom instruction.”

Human traffing

07/12/2017 15:10


05/24/2017 11:23

A forum will be held on overcoming the battle of homosexuality and same sex attraction at Cabot United Methodist Church, June 25th,  3 till 5 p.m.  The cost is free but registration is requested

Call    724-283-8675          


Email  linnie1622@gmail.com

                Cabot United Methodist Church    707 Winfield Road. Cabot, PA.


        Called Out by Grace

  Overcoming the Battle of Homosexuality and Same Sex Attraction

A former educator, who holds a Bachelor of Education degree from West Virginia University and a Master of Education from Duquense University, worked as a teacher in the public school system for twelve years and held positions in both the criminal justice and health care fields, lived a same sex attraction lifestyle for twenty two years, will share her testimony 

But by God’s grace, her mother’s unconditional love and prayer, along  with the support of a  solid teaching  church, she left this way of life.

“I spent twenty two years in the same sex attraction lifestyle knowing that it was sin, but not willing to leave. For me it was a place I felt I fit in.”  

She is a member of a nondenominational church in the South Hills of Pittsburgh where she engages in the life of the church.  Now out of the lifestyle for over sixteen years her passionate desire is to offer hope to strugglers and their loved ones by sharing her personal journey at the June 25th forum.

Afterward the audience will  have the opportunity to participate in a Q/A session.

Pastor Mark Ongley, Formational Counselor and the Director of Restored Image Ministries will also take part in the Q/A.  For more information check www.restoredimage.org.



Safe Exit for Struggler

10/27/2016 22:39

Your house of worship may not be as safe as you think it is. So ask yourself, do you want your church to be a safe exit for the struggler and seeker to find truth and community without shame, rejection, or fear? There is an exit door ahead and we can help with a plan to get you there.

Look, we get it… pastors in American
culture today are in a tough spot.

On the one hand, they worry that if they show too much compassion they risk sending a message that seems too charitable towards homosexual behavior, or that they will minimize what God calls sin and destructive.
On the other hand, they’re concerned if they come across too harsh or show too much rebuke for homosexual behavior they risk making the struggler or seeker feel unworthy and unwelcome.

It’s a delicate balance, but it’s one of the most important callings on churches and ministries today. That’s where we can help.



We want to meet you! Nothing can substitute for a personal connection with the ex-gay community. We would love to visit your church, if nothing more than to personally get to know you as a pastor.If you wish, we’ll speak at your church and tell our story to your congregation. We’ll try to send a local person so you can develop a relationship with the ex-gay community that’s already near your community.




Ministry of the Month

10/27/2016 22:36

"Ministry of the Month"- Prodigal Ministries,     Cincinnati Ohio

Established in 1986 Prodigal Ministries supports men and women with unwanted same-gender attractions. The ministry’s helps have grown to include numerous issues surrounding sexuality including: sexual addiction, sexual abuse, trans-gender issues and extramarital affairs (homos-specific). Through a personal and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ individuals can experience purity and wholeness. With Jesus anything is possible!

In a spirit of gentleness, humility, and love, Prodigal's staff offers more than 40 years of combined experience in counseling, mentoring, and group facilitation. The Founding Director, Jerry Armelli, and the staff at Prodigal Ministries understand firsthand the struggles and complexities of sexuality. Each of them personally struggled with various aspects of sexual and/or relational brokenness before being transformed through Christ.


Prodigal Ministries provides counseling, support groups, mentoring, information, and prayer for men, women, and youth seeking recovery from unwanted homosexual attractions, sexual abuse, sexual addiction and transgender issues. Prodigal also helps loved ones connected to someone with same-gender attractions or who is gay-identified.


In addition to offering restorative help for more than 550 individuals each year, Prodigal Ministries trains and equips therapists and ministry leaders.