About Us


The WPSW spent years building a network of resources to meet the needs of people struggling to achieve sexual wholeness.  This website became a reality when several Christian groups met in 2006 to encourage one another in their individual work with clients dealing with same sex attraction.  Some were hosting support groups, some programs for recovery, and others were counseling and teaching.  Working in somewhat isolated circumstances, the community was not aware of all that was available for same sex attraction.    The outcome was a network that consists of church organizations, leaders, teachers, counselors, therapists, and support groups confronting all forms of sexual brokenness.    We continue to search for those interested in helping the sexually broken.

WPSW Network is a 501(C)3 ministry.  All donations go to support the mission and work of WPSW, helping us to bring hope and healing to men and women who struggle with sexual brokenness.  Your gifts are tax-deductible.