05/24/2017 11:23

A forum will be held on overcoming the battle of homosexuality and same sex attraction at Cabot United Methodist Church, June 25th,  3 till 5 p.m.  The cost is free but registration is requested

Call    724-283-8675          


Email  linnie1622@gmail.com

                Cabot United Methodist Church    707 Winfield Road. Cabot, PA.


        Called Out by Grace

  Overcoming the Battle of Homosexuality and Same Sex Attraction

A former educator, who holds a Bachelor of Education degree from West Virginia University and a Master of Education from Duquense University, worked as a teacher in the public school system for twelve years and held positions in both the criminal justice and health care fields, lived a same sex attraction lifestyle for twenty two years, will share her testimony 

But by God’s grace, her mother’s unconditional love and prayer, along  with the support of a  solid teaching  church, she left this way of life.

“I spent twenty two years in the same sex attraction lifestyle knowing that it was sin, but not willing to leave. For me it was a place I felt I fit in.”  

She is a member of a nondenominational church in the South Hills of Pittsburgh where she engages in the life of the church.  Now out of the lifestyle for over sixteen years her passionate desire is to offer hope to strugglers and their loved ones by sharing her personal journey at the June 25th forum.

Afterward the audience will  have the opportunity to participate in a Q/A session.

Pastor Mark Ongley, Formational Counselor and the Director of Restored Image Ministries will also take part in the Q/A.  For more information check www.restoredimage.org.