The WPSW spent years building a network of resources to meet the needs of people struggling to achieve sexual wholeness.  This website became a reality when several Christian groups met in 2006 to encourage one another in their individual work with clients dealing with same sex attraction.  The outcome is a network that consists of church organizations, leaders, teachers, counselors, therapists, and support groups confronting all forms of sexual brokenness.


Are you struggling with unwanted homosexual issues?

We want to help you find relational wholeness.  The WPSW network includes a host of local programs, ministries, support groups, and counselors who are commited to guiding you through this process.  Sexual attraction to the same sex becomes a struggle when a person, for whatever reason, finds homosexual behavior detrimental to their life long plan.  Scientific data on cause and cure is inconclusive but faith-based solutions are documented and this is exactly what we offer.

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Are you a family member or loved one of a struggler?

You are not alone.  Many families are dealing with similar difficulties.  You will find compassion within support groups filled with people that have a biblical understanding of brokenness.

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Are you a faith-based organization, pastor, or leader seeking information

and training to effectively help other dealing with sexual brokenness?

We believe that same-sex attraction (SSA) can be treated.  The WPSW Network offers training for pastors, clergy, and church leadership on an individual basis - as well as churches as a whole.

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Are you the spouse of someone struggling with homosexuality?

Spouses of partners that struggle with homosexuality need special assistance themselves.  Our first concern is helping them cope with their pain and then move on to protecting the family spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

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Are you a teen with some questions looking for some answers?

We have caring people waiting to provide you with support, information, and education.  All interactions are completely confidential.

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