Western PA Sexual Wholeness Network


Our mission is to inform the community about local resources that are dedicated to sexual wholeness. WPSW is composed of experienced and compassionate professionals and individuals qualified to confront all types of sexual brokenness that include homosexuality, lust, pornography, adultery, and promiscuity.  We bring together Bible-based programs and counselors from a number of different agencies and ministries to equip strugglers with the tools needed for sexual wholeness. 


Restoration & Change Regarding Homosexual Issues

  • WPSW is a Bible-based organization upholding the Biblical position that all sexual behavior outside of God's Covenant of marriage between a man and a women is sinful.
  • Restoration is achieved through repentance (no longer engaging or endorsing a sinfull behavior) receiving God's forgiveness.
  • Unwanted attractions or temptations are not sinful and should not be treated as such.
  • Behavior and attraction are two separate issues.


January Freedom Reigns

12/28/2017 21:07

Event cancelled due to weather

The Lazarus Center, A ministry of Sandy Wilson, will provide the worship for Jim Knell when he presents God's New Years resolution for your life.  The title is "January Freedom Reigns" and will happen Thursday, 7pm, January 4th at St. Stephens Church, 405 Fredrick Avenue, Sewickley, PA.